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About Pelham Rec Soccer


Pelham Rec Soccer emphasizes:

  • Positive coaching
  • Open registration
  • Balanced teams
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Everyone plays
  • Supportive parents

Travel Soccer

Game Information

Grade Game Time Players on Field Ball Size
1 & 2 40 mins 6 #3
3 & 4 50 mins 8 #4
5 to 7 60 mins 9 #4
  • Games must start on time. Late starting games may be shortened.
  • Whistle stops at end of 1st and 3rd quarter; halftime break of 5 minutes.
  • Substitutions are permitted only at quarter end and half-time and during the fourth quarter.
  • All players must play at least two full quarters.

Attire and Equipment

  • Uniforms will be distributed at the first practice (players may keep the uniforms).
  • All players must wear soccer cleats, shin guards and soccer socks to all practices, games and clinics.
  • Baseball shoes or "all sports" shoes are not permitted and can be dangerous when used for soccer. 
  • Sneakers are permitted for kindergartners and Pre-K.
  • Soccer socks should cover shin guards.
  • Jewelry, earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets will not be permitted. NO exceptions for newly-pierced ears.
  • Referees will conduct a pre-game check, strictly enforcing these rules.
  • Each child should bring a proper sized soccer ball to each practice. See above for ball sizes. Pre-K and Kindergarten use size #3 balls.
  • Each child should bring a water bottle to every game AND practice.

Parent Responsibilities


  • This means all the kids - not just yours! 
  • Provide positive support and encouragement.
  • Revel in their accomplishments. 
  • Offer a shoulder, a hug or kiss when everything doesn't go perfectly. 
  • Forget constructive criticism -- kids take it too seriously.
  • Applaud good plays by kids on the other team (who, after all, are your neighbors).


  • Coaching is hard work and the coaches feel responsible for the kids having fun. Help out by showing up on time for practices and games.
  • Leave sideline coaching to the coach. Players hate to hear instructions from more than one person anyway. 
  • Coaches plan game line-ups ahead of time. Please notify the coach in advance (e.g., Friday night) if your child will miss a practice or game.
  • Coaches can always use extra help. It’s not too late to volunteer as an assistant coach!


  • Refereeing is also hard work, and referees (like coaches and players and parents) can make mistakes. Live with the mistakes; the game is about having fun! 
  • Recognize that you may not know or understand all the rules (e.g., offside, rough play, injury time-out, etc.).
  • Interfering or arguing with a referee can result in a forfeit and/or ejection from the field.
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